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Yamaha Cornet, Eb Silver Plated

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The new Eb cornet has been designed to provide comfort and security when performing in the high register, while maintaining a beautiful warm sound in any range. The intonation is incredibly accurate and the cornet plays with an even, nimble response.


Thinner Bell

The new bell shape allows the sound to resonate more freely

Modified bell taper

The modified taper provides more projection while maintaining a warm, rich sound

Curved leadpipe with sleeve

A curved leadpipe provides the correct amount of resistance while allowing the player to achieve a full and warm tone

Redesigned bell braces

New bell braces provide the least amount of resistance possible to help increase resonance

Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction allows for excellent control and flexibility


Included Accessories

Model Description

YAC CR6B4 Cornet mouthpiece; for Eb cornets, long shank.

YAC CRC-606 Wood case

YAC RVO Superior Valve Oil

Optional Accessories

YAC CR11E4 Cornet mouthpiece; standard design with moderate rim shape to obtain consistent, round sound in all registers for beginners and professionals

YAC CR8D2 Cornet mouthpiece; medium deep cup and short backbore especially for soft, bright sound with Eb cornets

YAC CR9E Cornet mouthpiece; short backbore and deep cup for soft attacks and sweet tone

YAC CR11C4-7C Cornet mouthpiece; standard design with a clear bite and moderate rim shape for beginners

YAC CR13E4 Cornet mouthpiece; very deep V-shaped cup for mellow sound

YAC CR14E Mouthpiece; warm, soft sound; good for symphonic brass band players

YAC CR16E Cornet mouthpiece; allows technical playing with less effort, preferred by British cornet players

YAC 1373 Cornet gig bag; black Cordura nylon; foam interior, shoulder strap

YAC 1350 Vinyl mouthpiece pouch with a zipper closure; fits upper brass

YAC 1000P Valve oil

YAC 1011P Slide grease

YAC 1016P Trumpet tuning slide oil

YAC 1061P Silver polish

YAC 1077P Vinyl-coated flexible cleaning rod; small

YAC 1083P Nylon valve casing brush

YAC 1084P Brass mouthpiece brush

YAC 1096P Treated silver polishing cloth; medium

YAC 1097P Treated silver polishing cloth; large

YAC 1099P Untreated polishing cloth; large

YAC 1100 Chamois-like polishing cloth

YAC 1500G Cornet lyre; gold lacquer

YAC 1500N Cornet lyre; nickel-plated

YAC 1666P Valve casing cleaning rod

SB79C Trumpet Silent Brass system

PM-7 Silent Brass mute only



Level Xeno

Key of Eb

Bore ML: 0.445"

Bell Diameter 4 3/4"

Leadpipe Yellow Brass

Body Material Yellow Brass

Bell Material Yellow Brass; One-Piece

Weight Light

Key Buttons Mother of Pearl

Finish Silver-plated; Clear lacquer (special order);

Pistons/ Valves Monel

Mouthpiece CR-6B4 (long)

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