Piano Tuning

MusicWorks partners with the finest professional Piano Technicians in New Zealand to give you the very best after sales service for you piano investment.

Our technicians will not only tune you valuable instrument but also offer other services such as regulation, voicing and repair work as required.

Recommended Service: Every piano needs to be tuned at least once a year. In addition, repairs, action regulation, and voicing will need be performed at times, depending on usage and performance requirements. The better pianos require and deserve the best care and service.

Moving your Piano

At MusicWorks we have over 85 years of experience on moving expensive larger instruments such as Pianos and whilst we offer this on all our sales to customers we also can assist you to arrange professional piano movers for a private move to ensure that only the best equipment and methods are employed in moving your piano safely. Talk with your local MusicWorks Store about the best advice in this area.


Around New Zealand MusicWorks Piano specialist have access to top professional in the business of piano restoration, from basic internal work through to full cabinet rebuilt and restoration of vintage pianos.


Selling your Piano and not sure of the value? For a nominal fee MusicWorks will arrange a piano valuation of your piano and offer the best advice on how to sell it privately.